Dildo Baggins

Kattie here.
Fat Cis Queer Femme engaged to a husky lumberjack named Butchie Butch Cutebutt McGee.
We're going to get married in a space ship and fly off to Mars.
I like pigs and discussing fashion, Star Trek, beards, food and cats.
If I were a color, I would be persimmon and if you have ever played the sims, we should be friends because you will not believe what Agnes Crumplebottom just fucking did.
Ask me questions
I still have to Bone a Duck.

Ootd: queer daughters of the American revolution.
IF YOU LIKE NICE, KINDA MIDDLE OF THE ROAD CLOTHING WITH CUTE ANIMALS AND GLITTER LAUREN CONRADS CLOTHES ARE FOR YOU. This sweater is an XL but it is about a 22/24. I’ve bought her clothes before and they def. run large maybe to a 26/28 ish.
Apparently my moms side of the family is eligible for both the daughters of the American revolution AND daughters of the golden west. Who knew.